How should I extension grpc protocol?

I have the follow example code:

class Test extends Simulation {

  var input = "" // save result

  val scnFirst = scenario("scnFirst")
            name = "thinkerou"
        .check ({ response =>
          input = response.result.get.message // save it

  val scnSecond = scenario("scnSecond")
            number = 123456
            message = input // HERE message should response result of scnFirst, BUT its value is empty, why?
        .check({ response =>

    scnFirst.inject(constantUsersPerSec(users) during (duration seconds)).protocols(protocol),
    scnSecond.inject(constantUsersPerSec(users) during (duration seconds)).protocols(protocol)


I have two grpc services, the response of first grpc service will input second grpc sevice.

I should how change my code? or should how extension gatling-grpc( thanks a lot!!

This plugin is not an official one, so you won’t get an answer here.
You probably should try to directly reach the author, maybe with issues on his repo.

I run one grpc every time it’s OK, maybe this is reason is setUp can not sort ?

在 2018年7月12日星期四 UTC+8下午5:53:44,田欧写道:

@Stéphane Landelle thank you for replying, I know this plugin is not official plugin. But I use it now and I need pass var value, I also know I should use session to save var value, do I need to extend session in gatling-grpc plugin? thanks a lot!

在 2018年7月12日星期四 UTC+8下午5:59:42,Stéphane Landelle写道:


I hope I am not too late to help.

Not knowing about the plugin you are using, I developed my own with the same purpose.

I think you want to save the value in the user’s session attributes instead of a variable in the class.

To do that, see this line in my example.