How to Customize HTMLReports of Gatling


I want to change color, label names of gatling reports.

Please help me in customizing the gatling reports.

Thanks & Regards,

You’re on your own there.

You’re not supposed to modify the Highcharts based rendering module if you don’t have a license.

What’s your use case exactly?

After generating Reports, am able to see “Active Sessions” label name for number of sessions in graph. I want to modify that label name as “Number Of Users”. I don’t want to modify the HTML files after generating reports.

Is it possible by changing any conf/jar files?



I am able see the following lines in gatling-charts-2.0.0.M3a.jar. I found “Active Session” string here.
I want to build my own jar with appropriate changes. can you please tell me how to proceed?

/** starts from here**/
package io.gatling.charts.template;

import io.gatling.charts.component.Component;
import scala.None.;
import scala.Predef.;
import scala.reflect.ScalaSignature;

@ScalaSignature(bytes="\006\001u1A!\001\002\001\027\tQ\022i\031;jm\026\034Vm]:j_:\034\b+Y4f)\026l\007\017\1uK*\0211\001B\001\ti\026l\007\017\1uK*\021QAB\001\007G"\f’\017^:\013\005\035A\021aB4bi2Lgn\032\006\002\023\005\021\021n\\002\001’\t\001A\002\005\002\016\0355\t!!\003\002\020\005\ta\001+Y4f)\026l\007\017\1uK"A\021\003\001B\001B\003%!#\001\bdQ\006\024HoQ8na>tWM\034;\021\005M1R"\001\013\013\005U!\021!C2p[B|g.\0328u\023\t9BCA\005D_6\004xN\\3oi\")\021\004\001C\0015\0051A(\0338jiz\"\"a\007\017\021\0055\001\001\“B\t\031\001\004\021\002”) public class ActiveSessionsPageTemplate extends PageTemplate { public ActiveSessionsPageTemplate(Component chartComponent) { super(“Active Sessions”, false, None…MODULE$, None…MODULE$, Predef…MODULE$.wrapRefArray((Object[])new Component[] { chartComponent }));

/** ends here **/

Fork Gatling and host it on your own. Or just write a script that changes the String in the generated reports.


I edited following files in package io.gatling.highcharts.template and placed in gatling-charts-highcharts-2.0.0-M3a jar file.

I got these files from
I did not get TransactionTemplate.scala file,but this file is bundled in gatling-charts-highcharts-2.0.0-M3a.

How can i get the source of the TranscationTemplate.scala>


I couldn’t find a way either but I am going to write a teardown method which will modify the generated HTML.
Hope that helps!


Did you write a method which will modify the generated HTML ?
I’m looking for a solution to change the reports to get results of specific time range.
If you’ve a solution it

Modifying Gatling’s Highcharts based reports is strictly forbidden as per Highcharts license, please see

Hi Stéphane,

I didn’t notice that is forbidden.
So I’ve only 2 solutions : buying a highchart licence or create my own report with my own chart…

Do you have an another solution ?