Adding charts to Gatling report

Hi there,
we use Gatling for performance testing and reports. We wanted to add some modifications to the reports (test timeline and bugs per second charts), but we’re not sure whether or not will it violate the license.

I’ve tried to look it up online, but only got contradicting information:

  2. Gatling highchart reports - #2 by Excilys

My question is… Is it or is it not acceptable to apply those modifications according to license?
Just to specify, we do not modify the code from the gatling-highcharts library. We just use it Highcharts.StockChart to create those charts and then add it to the report.



I don’t understand your point, as the 2 links you provide explicitly forbid to change anything in this module.

Official documentation and Gatling HighCharts license does not allow such changes.

Sadly, even if Gatling is open source, the visualisation library we use (Highcharts) is not.

We want to migrate to another solution, but cannot spare time for now on this subject. (Keep it mind, this bother us as well).

Sorry to bring bad news, but no, you’re not allowed to do what you described.

I hope you can understand that we’re as bound as you by this license.


thanks for the quick reply. It’s all clear now. :slight_smile:

Two more questions, since you were so nice to reply so quickly :slight_smile:

  1. As I understand correctly, it is possible to apply those modifications using Gatling Enterprise?
    Gatling Enterprise - Load testing tool for business
  2. What about changing the report width in html file after its generation? Is it not allowed as well?


I don’t understand these two new questions.

For 1: On opposite to Gatling, Gatling Enterprise is NOT open source. So, it is not possible to change it. However, you can customize your reports when you export it as PDF and publish such reports.

For 2: ANY modification is forbidden by the license. Even, the width modification is not compliant with the license.

For my own curiosity, what is:

  • test timeline? In Gatling Enterprise, it’s the requests by second graph.
  • bugs per seconds? bug is something very subjective. Is it auto-correct for bits per seconds?


Thanks again for quick reply.

Answering your questions:

  1. Test timeline - we’re running some simulations concurrently on different threads. This graph visualizes which simulation run on which thread.
  2. Bugs per seconds - my naming was misleading. It’s more like a graph which shows when specific type of failure occured. Knowing the time and type of failure, we can easily diagnose problems with test environment in given period of time. The graph just helps to visualize it.

One last question:
What can we actually do to modify the reports? Does purchasing the Highcharts license directly solve our issues?


  1. … thread…

Sorry, but what do you call “thread” exactly? I fail to see how Java threads are related to this.

  1. Bugs per seconds

The “Errors per second” chart is available in Gatling Enterprise.

What can we actually do to modify the reports? Does purchasing the Highcharts license directly solve our issues?

No. Our license with Highsoft doesn’t include a way to lift it so possible Highsoft customers are allowed to fork.

If you really want to go this way (which I wouldn’t recommend, nothing in there is considered a public API with guaranteed stability), you have to reimplement and hence maintain ALL the code that’s in the gatling-highcharts project.