How to define custom test configuration with gatling?

Hi all,

I would like to define a custom test configuration (see) that allows me to only run gatling simulation.
The idea is that I could run unit test with sbt test and gatling simulation with sbt load:test. Hear is a gist of my sbt config.

However with this config, it seems that I am missing some settings because load:test results in No tests were executed. My guess is that I need to add gatlingBaseSettings to Load but it is private. Do you know of another way?

I also tried to use gatling it configuration but I need my integration test to depends on test helpers and according to this so question, the answer is to create a custom config.


Hi Julien,

Have you tried using gatling:test ?
If I am not mistaken, this should only run your Gatling simulations and not your other unit tests.



By default gatling:test only run simulations but I also want to exclude gatling simulations from unit test (i.e. sbt test). If I add testOptions in Test := Seq(Tests.Filter(_.endsWith("Spec"))) , it does not run simulation in test and gatling:test.

Apparently, if you precisely scope test task to only the Test configuration, e.g. test:test, it does not run Gatling simulation.
I’ll try and have a look to make Gatling interact nicer with other testing frameworks.



Right that’s a nice workaround. It would be good if we could customise any test config to run gatling.

Thanks Pierre!