Choosing a simulation to run from the SBT Gatling Plugin


So, currently I have a project with the current layout just for Gatling simulations that I’m starting out.


$ tree
├── build.sbt
├── project
│ ├──
│ └── plugins.sbt
└── src
└── test
└── scala
└── hellogatling
└── HelloGatlingSimulation.scala


Currently, I only have one simulation (i.e. HelloGatlingSimulation.scala), which I can run just fine with

sbt gatling:test

but as I add more simulations under src/test/scala I want to be able to run a particular simulation, not all of them.

Is this possible with gatling-sbt?


Carlos Torres

Nevermind, I figured it out.

The way I got it to work is from the sbt console itself. Then I can run the command as follows:


gatling:testOnly hellogatling.HelloGatlingSimulation

Sorry for such a newbie question


Hi Carlos,

You should be able to run:

testOnly HelloGatlingSimulation