How to distribute number of users coming to same api with different json query param

I am new to gatling and I am trying to simulate a case where I have test data in CSV like

row 1 : param1, param2, param3, param4
row 2 : param11, param12, param13, param14
row 3 : value1, param2, value3, value4
row 4 : value89, value101, value8, value10

I have a request body type x-ndjson type.
I wante to simulate a case where if 100 users are coming, 10 user are using row1, 20 are using row2, 30 users are using row3 and remaining using row4. and that too in random order.

how to simulate this case.

Your scenario isn’t clear.
Can you explain it in more detail.

Hi GeMi,

Api request has different request body, and every for api request, response takes different time.

row 1.

row 2.

row 3.

in our system, these three request will be executed by different users. request1 is used by less number of users and its response time is generally high.
request2 used by moderate number of users, and its response time is okay.
request 3 is used my majority of users and response time is small.

Since Api endpoint and structure is same, I want to try with same set up but want to have different number of users hitting apis.

hope this is more clear.

So if you want this kind of scenario, it’s easy to do, example:

More details about it:

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