How to eliminate the URL encoded format?

Greetings everyone!

I’m trying to extract a value from a header and pass to the next request URL. The header value is being extracted correctly. But while passing to the next request URL, the value is in encoded format.

Original value : 10bbbba6-addb-46c4-a02c-7e790ffb3dfe.d8d58f4e-3b22-43e2-90b7-1c3ce767e10f.f%3Ac4481fd6-f7ff-41b2-8604-f1d899c41fc4%3A8e83a7e2-bcad-4aa8-9095-d17c4e6c0954

Encoded format : 10bbbba6-addb-46c4-a02c-7e790ffb3dfe.d8d58f4e-3b22-43e2-90b7-1c3ce767e10f.f%253Ac4481fd6-f7ff-41b2-8604-f1d899c41fc4%253A8e83a7e2-bcad-4aa8-9095-d17c4e6c0954

Due to this encoding, while running the Scala script, 400 BAD REQUEST error is thrown.

I have tried using formParam and queryParam in the code, but the results are same.

I want the same extracted value to be passed to the next request. How can I get rid of the encoding which is being done?
Can anyone please help me to figure this out?

Code snippet :


Captured value :

Actual raw data passed to request URL :

POST https://XXX?grant_type=authorization_code&client_id=XXX&code=6997897d-d9d7-4635-90a6-98cd5c3cad58.a14314af-5d45-4b82-95f5-6d403a89d4fe.f%253Ac4481fd6-f7ff-41b2-8604-f1d899c41fc4%253A8e83a7e2-bcad-4aa8-9095-d17c4e6c0954& HTTP/1.1


Concatenate it directly into the url.


Thanks Stephane for the response!

I disabled URLEncoding by using “disableUrlEncoding” and passed the values directly to the body like - “.body(StringBody(”"“grant_type=authorization_code&client_id=XXX&code=${code_value}&”""))".
It worked.