encoding decoding in Scala

I have a question please, how to force Scala to send a request in real format without encoding the content?
because when i send request like for example : blabla1blabla2… he send the request in this format : 3C6E616D653E626C61626C61313C2F6E616D653E3C6E616D653E626C61626C61323C2F6E616D653E.

Not sure what could be the cause of this, can you show us the code that does this?

I resolved the problem, i use edifact with Gatling so i just added decode… and its works , but now i have just to find why he replace “+” by “” ? Do you have any idea ?
i think its also something related to encoding decoding

by square

Not sure what edifact is, but I can guess why “+” is replaced by a space. In a url query parameter value, spaces are often replaced by “+” to avoid confusion and facilitate parsing.