How to get Gatling raw report in CSV format


I need raw report of Gatling tool in CSV format after execution. Let me know how to retrieve it from simulation.log file
Looking for raw report file something similar to jmeter tool

Gatling itself will not write out a csv simulation log like a JTL, you’ll have to use one of the available parsers to convert (google it). The documentation mentions against writing a parser as the structure of the simulation log may change Gatling - FAQ

Thanks for your reply. I tried to download one of the Gatling parser in jar format and copied into target folder of Gatling tool and ran command as mentioned, but am getting capsule related exception message. Can you please help me in resolving this issue.

I think it would be best to ask that with the developers of the tool you are using. I’m not sure what you are using and how.

Gatling Enterprise provides a REST API to export run summary stats in JSON format.

@slandelle - Thanks for your reply. Am looking for csv data extract of report, but u had mentioned its available in JSON format. Is it not available at Gatling open source.

No, Gatling open-source doesn’t provide a CSV export format.