Computer readable report format?

Would it be possible to extend Gatling’s reporting to have basically the same values, but represented in a computer readable way such as CSV - or more preferably - JSON?

The use case is this: We need to run continuous performance tests (on a lot of different services) and keep track of the results for each test run.

One proof of concept I have done is by parsing the simulation.log file of each test and store the results so they can be retrieved by our custom built application dashboard. While this works I understand it is not recommended to rely on the simulation.log as it is considered part of the internals of Gatling and as such subject to change without notice. We have also observed this when using mixed versions of Gatling for different tests.

Being able to generate the report in some form of computer readable format would go along way for those of us trying to fit Gatling into existing systems. I do not see scraping the generated report (as it looks now) as a viable option.


Once the report has been generated, you’ll find the data in /js/stats.json.

Hope this helps,