How to ignore some simulations

I have some simulations that i am going to ignore them so that it does not have a bad effect on CI jobs. so anybody have an idea for that?

Sorry, no idea what you’re doing and how your CI works so I don’t think it’s possible to help you with so few information.

Some thing like this, is it available to add a tag or something like that to ignore the simulation that i do not want to run rather than removing or annotating it.

If you using Maven you can do:

mvn clean gatling:test -Dgatling.runMultipleSimulations -Dgatling.includes=pl.gemiusz.* -Dgatling.excludes=pl.gemiusz.Case0019WhenStatusCode400ThenFailSimulation
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Thanks, i will have a try.

@GeMi By the way, could you tell me where to see what kind of command line options in there? is there any document for that or internet link to view it? or can we get a help from a command that will list all the options? like gatling:test --help?

It’s in the documentation and a standard for maven plugins:

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