Is there a gatling annotation or something similar for skipping

I am checking if we have a way of skipping a simulation in gatling when running all simulations. I am running all simulations in my testing framework but would like to skip some simulations because they do not meet some conditions. I am looking for something that could do this.

Currently, i package my code to run on different test environments. i already have my simulation in gatling.simulations but what i want is to skip it on some environments and run it on others. currently, i am exiting the execution using the code below, which makes it abort execution thereby not running remaining simulations in the queue. I find this a very hacky way of doing it.

if (System.getProperty("env").contains("dev")) {
System.err.println("ERROR: This simulation cannot be run for DEV. Exiting!")

Hint → same thing we have in TestNG annotation @test(enabled = false)