How to manully give a pause between scenarios running

Hi, I know that now I run the scenarios concurrently. I am not able to use the andThen to make it run sequentially. What I now think is to somehow give a pause after the run of first scenario

allScenarios50.inject(atOnceUsers(rampupUsers) )
#give some pause here before the next begins
historicBidScenarios50.inject(atOnceUsers(rampupUsers) )


Is there anyway to do that? The problem is the first scenario corrupt the system and only after all the first scenario is run completely, the system gains stable form. Could you give some insight to this, without using andThen

What are you trying to achieve exactly?
As is, allScenarios50 and historicBidScenarios50 will be executed by entirely different sets of virtual users. Is this what you want?

What I want is that scenario historicBidScenarios50 will be done after the
execution of the first one

My gut feeling is that you have too much logic in the test, which I'd separate out into greater than one simulation. The *andThen* method is a fairly new concept that will run a one injection after the previous
injection has completed. But there may be a time lag before you system under test stabilises. This is a *before* hook to get you system into it's required state, but that may be deprecated.