Inject multiple users with pause

I want to launch my scenario in a sequential manner to bring it closer to reality by executing the request 79 times with a variable pause between interval 1s and 5s.
Now i’m doing it in a classic way as follows (I repeat that by reaching 79 user)
inject users.PNG

how to do it in one line?
I need help please.

thank you in advance


Are you sure it is a scenario (different users) or a request you want 79 times?

If you really want a scenario.
My scenario will have a pause with a min and a max before sending my request.
And the injection will have a constantUsersPerSec randomized

If you want a request sent randomly by the same user.
The simulation will inject once the user (with atOnceUsers(1))
The scenario will have the pause with a min and a max before the actual request in a loop.

Hope it helps.

inject users.PNG

Thanks for your return.
I have a question to propose the difference between a user who will execute the request several times and each user executes the request is that there is a difference in response times with the two ways ?