How to pass values instead of Vector in foreach loop?

My Reponse is:

{.....and so many...}

I have fetched “assetId” and “masterKeyframeId” correctly using below request, but the problem is how do I set both values in foreach loop? (I have used “aid” and it fetches single value but don’t know about passing single value for “mkeyframeId” as it takes Vector)

            .get(uri3 + "/sortBy=SEGGREGATED_SESSION_SORT;reviewState=IN_PROGRESS")

        .foreach("${astId}", "aid") {
            doIf(session => session("aid").as[String] != "-1")
                .get("/a/" + accountname + "/assets/${aid}/keyframe/${mkeyframeId}")

Here the problem is ${mkeyframeId} it takes vector and pass in url like this,

Sending request=Set_IDs uri=,%20169193):

Instead of



Did you try using regex-