How to run gatling scenarios in sequence

I have created a simple gatling maven application to test performance, verify API rate limit(so if sent requests more than its rate limit it should fail) . In order to run each api as an independent operation and not concurrently, I have created separate simulation classes for each API call to test.
In order to run them in a sequential order I have enabled runMultipleSimulations .
Following eg from galting doc:

But I don’t think they are running in sequential order and one scenario that I see from logs, is mostly showing failed user requests with 500 internal server errors, neither I see all test scenarios in logs . Do I need anything else beyond including this dependency ? Here is my pom.xml :


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns=""









Below is how my project structure looks and action class as well as scenario simulation classes resides under src/test/scala:

  • src
  • test
  • resources
  • scala
  • Actions
  • CreateAPISimulation
  • GetAPISimulation
  • DeleteAPISimulation

Eg: of a scenario file :


class DeleteAPISimulation extends Simulation {
  var test = ""

  val preScenario = scenario(" DELETE API PRE-SCENARIO")
    .exec(session => {
      test = session("resourceId").as[String].trim
      println("%%%%%%%%%%% resource ID =====>>>>>>>>>> " + test)
  val deleteResourceScenario = scenario("DELETE API TEST SCENARIO")
    // Set it here
    .exec(_.set("resourceId", test))

    deleteResourceScenario.inject(rampUsers(520) during(60))


Similarly I created one .scala file for each API scenario.

Actions class just has the DSL http requests implementations for APIs. Eg:


object Actions{

def DeleteResource():HttpRequestBuilder = {
    .delete(Host+ "/items/${resourceId}")
    .header("Authorization", "Bearer "+ Token)
//and so on
// similar api method requests so on


Can someone please look at this and guide me if I’m doing correctly and whether they should be executed in sequential order just with above defined manner.