How to run scenarios in parallel wtih some sleep period between them?

Could you give me an advice, please. I need to make this case:
1step scenario1 and scenario2 should start in parallel.
2step: scensrio3 and scenario4 will start in parallel after 60 minutes when started simulations step1.
3step: scenarios from step1 must be stoped in 8 hours after started.
How can I develop a construction setup injection for Gatling?

We’r using free version Gatling3.3.1.

Have you checked the injection documentation?

Yes, I saw it.
I know how to start scenarios in parallel.
setUp (
scenario1.inject (rampUsers (1) .during (1))
.protocols (httpProtocol),
scenario2.inject (rampUsers (3) .during (1))
.protocols (httpProtocol),
scenario3.inject (rampUsers (1) .during (1))
.protocols (httpProtocol),
scenario4.inject (rampUsers (3) .during (1))
.protocols (httpProtocol)
But, here isn’t how start to the second group of scenarios (scenario3, scenario4) after Х minutes, after started the first group of scenarios (scenario1, scenario2) in this simulation?
If You point to a line of documentation, it will be so amazing.

пн, 9 авг. 2021 г. в 17:46, Stéphane LANDELLE <>:

Hi Elena,

See nothingFor (the first item of the Open model).