How to some number user load on server using gatling.

Hey Guys,

We have to create scenarios like

val myAutoSeq = exec(TC01).exec(TC02).exec(TC03).exec(TC04).exec(TC05).execTC06).exec(TC07).exec(TC08) …exec(TC40)
val seqScn = scenario(“My performance”).exec(myAutoSeq )

But when we have all 40 tests scenarios(TC01…TC40), all test execution is get started in parallel for all 40 tests cases which put excessive load on server and it failed.

seqScn.inject(constantUsersPerSec(1) during 6000)
reachRps(110) in (10 seconds),
holdFor(1 minute),
holdFor(2 minutes)

What our aim is we want the active users should always be 30 users per seconds and it should not increase beyond that, how can we achieve this ?
I don’t want to inject 30 users per second but I want to keep max 30 users inactive state.