How to store and run tests outside of $GATLING_HOME?

Hi All,

I wrote several tests classes for my Rails app and put them in project directory with folder structure similar to $GATLING_HOME/user-files. But I don’t understand how to run tests in this case. execute tests inside $GATLING_HOME directory but I want to use test classes from my project. Could you please recommend a way how to run tests in my case?


Hi Maxim,

Have you considered the -sf option?



I have a similar issue but I was wondering is there a more permanent solution to this? for example modifying it in the conf?

Another update ,
I am trying to run my tests using both options -df -sf , it seems to find the correct simulation file but is not able to get the data file, here is the command I used :

./ -df /performance_scripts/user-files/data/ -sf /performance_scripts/user-files/simulations/

my GATLING_HOME is set to another directory the performance_scripts folder (in the path) only contains the user-files

Here is the error I get :
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: file user-data.csv doesn’t exist

This issue has been fixed on master:
I have no date for M4 release yet, so you can use a SNAPSHOT from our CI until then:



Has this fix been back-ported to 1.5.x?

It doesn’t look so.
Anyway, we’re almost feature complete for Gatling 2.0 (we’ve decided that we’ll cut Gatling 2.0 instead of 2M4).
It only lacks websockets support. Once it’s done, we’ll release RC1.
Until then, I advise you upgrade to Gatling 2 snapshots.