How to write simulation for TCP/IP based application endpoint

Hi Gatling Community,
I want to write simulation for TCP/IP based application endpoint.I have not found support for this.
Can someone please guide me on this in gatling?

Thanks in advance for your help Community :slight_smile:

Gatling doesn’t have an official TCP support and AFAIK, there isn’t a third party plugin for it either.
Too much of a niche, I guess.
Contributions welcome!

Thanks @slandelle for update!!
Can you please provide guide for contributing into gatling?
I have found below github page. However it doesn’t provide details about minimum JDK version. How to test my changes?
gatling/ at main · gatling/gatling · GitHub

Also, Please provide some documentation about gatling modules, its core classes. How different protocol capability added in gatling?

Honestly, before going with the implementation, the first step would be to design the DSL and specify how this plugin would work.

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