Using Gatling to make TCP Socket Connections. Not able to figure out if there is such a protocol support.?


We have an application that we can talk to using TCP sockets, just like the Socket class is used in java to talk to an application.

I have kind of exhausted my research and time on this need and would like to know if there is any support for TCP socket communication for sending and receiving messages to a server and somehow wrap that in Gatling scripts.

All i see support in Gatling is for http, jdbc, jms and few others. Can we use plain old java/scala program in Gatling and somehow transact/measure the socket calls and report them in final report.?

Any ideas would greatly help.!!



Okay, I didn’t quite understood your question but I think you are trying to create a custom Java/Scala script for TCP socket protol.
I believe Java scripts aren’t possible while you can write scala scripts.

I have found a couple of reference here, please see if any of them addresses your concern:

I have the similar concern as Manjunath. I have tried to use the gatling-tcp-extention. But it is not available in maven repository. Following links does not work.

AFAIK, there’s no active TCP third party plugin atm.

Is there any alternative way to use Gatling for TCP socket support?

  1. contribute to OSS
  2. contract with us to have us contribute it in your stead