HTML Report : Assertion Fail / HTTP Error Code Distribution Over Time Graph


I am wondering if Gatling can generate HTML report containing Assertion Fail and HTTP error code distribution over time.
Something like, X axis is time (hh:mm:ss) and Y axis is amount of status 200 (OK) , all KO status (500, 503, etc), and assertion fails.
This is very useful, when we do stress testing , so we can see after how many concurrent users / after how many req/sec KO status and assertion fails can start to be observed.
If they can be observed, how many are they over the time and what are their status code.

From this documentation , it doesn’t look like such graph can be generated.
Not sure if I miss something in the documentation or it is really not supported?
If it is not supported, will it be supported in the coming version?


Errors over Time and Responses broken by HTTP status code over time charts are available in FrontLine.