HTTP configuration for multi-scenarios


I would like to be able to have an HTTP configuration for each of my scenarios. In gatling1 it was possible according to the documentation:


But in Gatling2, protocols are configured in the setUp:

otherScn.inject(ramp(5).over(20))).protocols(httpConf1) httpConf2 ?

So, is it still possible to have a configuration per scenario ?


Currently not.
What’s your use case?


I am using basically 2 things:

  1. I need different default headers and baseURL
  2. I am using disableClientSharing for one and not for the other

People in telecommunication, always doing weird stuff…

Anyone here with the same needs? I’m a bit reluctant to roll this back, so I’d like more feedback.

Good news:

Bad news:

  • people would have started developing their own protocol support on top of 2M3 will have to adapt their code (very easy though)
  • you owe me a beer if we meet someday, Nico’s friend!

Thank you ! OK for a beer :slight_smile: !

Otherwise, my use case is:

  • one side with several users with their own connection modifying our REST server
  • one side with a supervisor which has a connection pool and accesses what is created by users

That’s why I need to manage connections differently between scenarios.
In fact, I was asking the question to have something closer to the reality but I started my test with disableClientSharing for both scenarios which is a worst case for me. But now that the feature is there, I will try it.

Thank you again

You’re welcome!