Executing multiple scenarios concurrently using gatling 2.0.0.M3a

I moved our scripts from gatling 1.5.3 to gatling 2.0.0.M3a and I am not sure how to handle executing multiple scenarios concurrently anymore against different base URL’s now that the protocols are set at the simulation level and not the scenario level. For example, suppose I have the following setUp defined in a simulation:

class JavaScriptScenarioController extends Simulation {
val httpConfiguration1 = http.baseURL(“http://www.baseurl1.com”)
val httpConfiguration2 = http.baseURL(“http://www.baseurl2.com”)
val httpConfiguration3 = http.baseURL(“http://www.baseurl3.com”)



What I would like to do is run Scenario1 with httpConfiguration1, Scenario2 with httpConfiguration2, and so on since the scenarios are defined against different baseURL’s. In gatling 1.5.3 that was easy since you set the protocol on the scenario but in gatling 2.0.0.M3a you set the protocol on the simulation. How would I do this now?


We asked on the Google Group if it was fine removing per scenario protocols a few weeks before releasing 2M3, had no negative answer so we did, then received some “oh no no, please don’t” a few days later… So we added them back in master. We plan on releasing 2M4 in 1-2 weeks.
Until then, you can go with a snapshot: https://github.com/excilys/gatling/wiki/Continuous-Integration

Thanks, that did it! I’ve only been using gatling for only a few weeks but so far it’s pretty awesome. Thanks for the great project!

Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

Any news on if/when M4 is to be released?

Still fighting with WebSocket support. Then finish doc. Then release.