Http Polling session

Hi all,
I have a scenario where I use Polling to refresh authentication token. When the token is refreshed it is returned in json response and I save this token to session. The issue is that the Polling has a separate session than user and I can’t use this value in the user sessesion. Is there any possibility to pass this value to user session? I know that when poller is stopped its session gets merged to the original session, but I don’t want the polling to stop.


private val pollerTokenRefresh = polling.pollerName(“TokenRefresh”)

val pollerTokenRefreshStart = pollerTokenRefresh.every(100 seconds)
http("[GET] Refresh Token")
.check(jsonPath("$.result.token").transform(token => s"Bearer ${token}").saveAs(“authToken”))

val pollerTokenRefreshStop = pollerTokenRefresh.stop