Token Refresh

Hi All, I am new to Gatling and scala. I am trying to execute a scenario for 2 hours and after 1 hour I am getting a 401 as my token goes expired.

Is it a way to check the token is active or is there any way forward? appreciated your help for this.



You can do the following:

  1. Add check to the response which returns 401 eventually, something like this:
  2. .doIf(session => session(“lastResponseStatus”).as[Int] == 401)
    // authenticate again

Thank you for the reply. I did manage to create the function. But I want to execute the authentication method once in 1 hour when my scenario is executing say 5 hours. I dont want to kill my token server [which is shared with plenty of apps]. Can I execute the method authenticate only once. My method is like this…

Thanks in Advance!!

Hello, have you managed to resolve your problem?
I have the same situation with token expiration, and need your help)

понедельник, 9 ноября 2020 г. в 23:31:30 UTC+2,

You could proactively refresh your token before it expires, the same way you’ve loaded it in the first place.

Yes. Sorry for the late reply. Recently I have managed to find a solution for this. We can add the token into

def setToken: Expression[Session] = session => {
val accessToken = gettoken();

Once we have this, we can add this into a loop.

If also synchronize this call, it wont be kill the token generator. Hope this helps