Http Response is empty/blank but Http Status Code is 200 OK

Hello Gatling friends,

We are running into a very special issue, which mostly points to an issue with Application Under Test, but just want to check if anyone has failed a similar issue with Gatling.
At a reasonable workload of 10 concurrent users, some times one of the HTML Page, where we do a POST returns an HTTP Status Code of 200 OK, but the body is blank.

We are on Gatling 2.3.0 version, and the application is Oracle Access Manager (OAM), to which a POST of username & password is done, it usually returns a page with SAML response code etc, which is then further POSTed to another URL. But sometimes the response body is blank. Here is the sample code:

  .post("${oamUrl}" + SimulationUtils.getURI(""))
  .formParam("username", "${username}")
  .formParam("password", "${password}")
  .header("Referer", "${oamUrl}")

Is there a possibility Gatling truncating the response?


Is there a possibility Gatling truncating the response?

There hasn’t been such bug reported lately.
My first guess is the issue is with the system under test.