HTTP2 Max concurrent streams to issue per user/client

Hi Everyone,

I understand that HTTP2 in Gatling is an experimental feature, I’d like to know if it’s possible to set the maximum concurrent streams to issue per user user / client?



No we don’t propose such feature, this limitation is not part of the HTTP/2 specification. What is the tool that you use that need such limitation ? Is it something custom ?

Hi Alex,

I’d like to utilize HTTP/2 multiplexing, e.g. create two HTTP/2 connections, re-use the connections and add new streams over that when doing subsequent parallel requests. This feature is available in tools like libcurl and h2load.

The purpose of multiplexing is for each user to have multiple concurrent streams at one time for a given user on a given connection. Gatling will open streams corresponding to the requests sent by each user.

This behavior corresponds to real world scenario, h2load for example is a benchmarking tool, not a load testing one. With h2load, you won’t describe client behavior with a flow, but just a number of user and a number of parallel request (a kind of closed workload).

The only case where I imagine a real world scenario would justify a limitation of a number of concurrent streams by user would be a custom flow control built on a server to server communication. That’s not something that is important for us to implement for now, since we don’t think that’s a common use case so far :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex. You imagined it right, it is server to server communication. :slight_smile: