plan on supporting HTTP/2 (h2 and h2c)?

I would like to test my http/2 server for benchmark between http1.1 and http2 performance comparison.
Do you have any plan or activity on landing of http2 feature soon? HTTP/2 is used by various languages and platforms widely in industry.
For example, my application has streaming with server push so perf test tool should be able to turn on server push option in the initial negotiation.
Looking forward to seeing Gatling in here
Wooseok Jeong


As you might know, Gatling uses AsyncHttpClient underneath. So in order to support HTTP2, we’ll have to introduce support in AHC first. This is something that’s planned for Gatling 3, to be publicly released next year. But we haven’t started working on it.
If you want to contribute to AHC, help is surely welcome!