Inject custom timers for certain events

Apologies if I’ve got the wrong end on this but I believe that Gatling timers start when the previous operations finishes.

For example, in a flow where I have:

  1. an http request
  2. then a ws request
  3. then a check for a ws response

Gatling would time these from end of each of the previous operations (unless I’m mistaken), so in this example a timer for 2. would start after we get a response back from 1. If this is indeed the case is there a way to inject custom timers into the Session object and then let Gatling report them in the generated html report?
In this case this would allow us to start a timer from the moment we make the http request until the moment we get a websocket response back. This is just an example back I hope you get the point here.

Many thanks,