Gatling Injection Doubt


I want to put load with below configuration:
Pause time:30 seconds
MaxDuration:20 minutes

so my first question is–> In Open model which injection I should use for injecting 5000 request from 5000 users in 30 second…and then again in 30 second 5000 request from 5000 users…???

second Question: Pause time is the time between two users or between two request?

Atul Verma

my requirement is after every 30 second 5000 users should fire 5000 requests at a time…please suggest suitable injection?

Hi Atul,

As I understand your requirements:

For a single User (ie, the Scenario):

  • repeat 10 times:

The simulation is just to setUp the injection to create those 5000 atOnceUsers.

But, this is not really realistic, don’t you think?


Hi Sébastien BREVET,

Can you please provide me two injection which generate the spike as in attachment. PFA