Integrating Gatling and TestNG/JUnit

I’m interested in using Gatling’s DSL to express both functional/integration tests as well as load/stress tests. The idea is that the load tests will string together the functional tests (or snippets thereof) in order to generate load.

To pull this off, what I need is a way of using a test runner like TestNG or JUnit as the test runner, but having individual tests fire off Gatling scenarios.

Can one of you fine souls please either direct me to the necessary portion of the documentation, or provide a code sample, that shows how straight Java/Scala can trigger a Gatling scenario execution, and either pass or fail if the scenario does?


As a side-note, I did find

I asked about TestNG specifically because it includes features like parallel test execution, and using groups to execute subsets of tests. Does Gatling Functional Specs support those features? If not, is there a way to use TestNG with this feature?

That’s probably feasible and that something we’d like to investigate some day, but we really don’t have time atm.
Can’t help here, sorry.

Good luck, looking forward to your findings!