Integrating Gatling into a XUnit test harness?


I’ve moved to a new project. The new team is hesitant to embrace Gatling. I’d like to reduce the barrier to entry…

To start, they have a test execution harness (not Jenkins - it is home-grown) that knows how to launch JUnit tests. Can anyone point me to some existing documentation of how to integrate Gatling into a tool that knows how to run and interpret JUnit test results?

Thanks for any links you can offer.

– John

Gatling 2.2 generates a assertion.xml file under results/folder/js that’s in JUnit format and contains results for your assertions.
Feedback welcome.

Awesome. :slight_smile:

Hi Stephane,

The assertions.xml file does not contain the actual values of assertions test cases.
It provides information on whether a assertion condition was passed or failed.
Only for failed cases , the error stack provides the actual value.

Can we include the actual values in the passed assertion case also ?