Gatling 3.3 - jenkins plugin - junit report generation

I have a couple of Gatling 2.3 projects set up with Gatling jenkins plugin jobs. They generate a junit report upon assertion failures.

For a new Gatling 3.3 project, the Jenkins job fails as expected when assertions fail, but I am not getting a junit report.

I also see this in the Jenkins job config, which I don’t see on the other projects:

Test report XMLs

‘target/gatling/assertions-.xml’ doesn’t match anything: ‘target’ exists but not ‘target/gatling/assertions-.xml’

Has anyone else seen this sort of thing?


Which versions of the Gatling Jenkins plugin and of the gatling-maven-plugin do you have?

I am using:
Gatling maven plugin 3.0.5
Gatling Jenkins plugin 1.3.0

Please verify your configuration matches what’s described here:

I think the issue is that the results folder is at the project root rather than in target/gatling.

In a project that works, the junit xml file is copied from target/gatling/results/js

I prefer to use results at the root. Can I configure so that the junit file is copied from there?

If the feature is tied to using target/gatling for the results, I could set it to that with -D on my Jenkins command line. But is that even the case?