Integration testing with Gatling

Hello folks, and thanks for Gatling, very nice piece of software !

I’ve created a question on stackoverflow, but should have checked the Google Group before posting.

At the moment, I’m writing integration API testing and load API testing in different projects, in different technologies, in different programming languages.

Gatling allows me to do some very good stress / performance testing, whereas technologies such as geb or cucumber allow me to write my integration tests.

But most of the time, I’m writing the same code in both environments.

Let’s start with a simple example :

A user can register, then active its account, then login to the application. (through REST APIs)

This is obviously eligible for integration testing, if something fails in this process, I should know it asap. I should have a nice test report (maven-site-plugin, geb, whatever, …) of the tests failing, and why they fail (assertion reports).

But this is also a good scenario for load/stress testing since it’s a process that could be heavy loaded (let’s imagine 10000 users register at the same time).
Finally, this is also a process where measuring the mean response time is important, for obvious reasons (account creation).

Stress/Load/Perf can be addressed easily with Gatling, no worries. But I’d like to know about integration tests (and especially test reports).

What would be absolutely fantastic would be :

Write a set of “unit” tests like : “register” / “activate” / “login”.

Create a testsuite combining these tests sequentially (which every unit testing framework allows). And generate a nice report of tests executions, and especially test failures.

“Elect” (combine, assemble) these suites into a Gatling scenario, adjusting the number of users, the load, etc. for stress : load testing.

Do you have an idea on how to achieve such a thing ? How should I write the unit tests so that they can be used as part of scenarios in Gatling ? Has someone a good pointer ?

Thanks in advance.