IntelliJ DEBUG simulatinon problem

Hello everyone,

I defined a val in my simulation as follows (I use the latest version of gatling):

val request = StringBody("""<soap:Envelope xmlns:dico="" xmlns:soap="" xmlns:v1="">

How could I print the stringbody or watch it when running debug? 
I tried "println(request)" and println(request.toString()), both of the output "<function1>"
On debugging I can't find out the SOAP body in variable "request" neither...

Could anybody help? Thanks a lot!

val getRequest = group(“Get request”) {

exec(session => {
println("Request is = " + request)

Thanks a lot!
But I still coun’t see the Stringbody.The objects that I can see are GroupBuilder and SessionHookBuilder…

a solution here:!topic/gatling/CdWsoSiqSSc

title :

output HTTP response to simulation.log