Interesting Scenario | Multiple Scenarios and simulations - Need inputs

I have an interesting problem which I need to address in my project. I got three applications (let’s say A1, A2, A3). Each of these applications hits multiple services multiple times concurrently. For e.g. for system A1, there are 3 SOAP services (S1,S2,S3) which are called in parallel and also s1 is being hit 3 times, S2 - 4 times and S3 - 2 times per user each time in parallel. Each of these applications have different set of services and also, the number of users which will hit these services are different. We need to load test on these 3 apps over 1 hours and all running in parallel.

I was thinking to create 3 different simulations and then for each simulation (which I am assuming to be app in this case), I will create multiple scenarios with each scenario referring to each instance of the soap service. and then call all three simulations in parallel (which I don’t know how). But I am not sure if there is a better way to do so. Inputs please!


Similar requirements for me as well. Also not sure how to structure the simulation(s), although I read from some other questions where folks mentioned that multiple simulations will not be supported, which confused me.

Please help!

Have a look at the tutorials, you’ll see how to extract your flow logic. That’s the correct way to reuse flow parts in different places, possibly different scenarios or different simulations.
The way to run things concurrently in Gatling is to run multiple concurrent scenarios in the same simulation, not to run multiple concurrent simulations.