Is it possible to measure the time to receive a callback?


we are considering using Gatling to load test one of our backend applications. The truth is that Gatling looks very good and we like a lot what we are reading. We just have a question about how to test one of our scenarios.

Some of the tasks that our application does take a lot of time (between 5-10 minutes). The client sends a request, an identifier is returned, the task starts processing and when the task is finished the service does a callback to send the result.


Can Gatling test the time between sending the request and receiving the response?

Thank you very much

Hi there Val,

We’d have a few questions regarding what you’re trying to do here (is it push, or pull based? What protocol are you using? How is the callback performed?). Are you planning on using Gatling Enterprise or the community version? Let us know and we can see what we can do to help.


First of all, thank you for the fast response.

The callback is a push, the client must expose an endpoint to which our service calls. And our service makes an HTTP call whose body is a JSON with the result of executing the task.

Our idea is to use Gatling Community.

Gatling doesn’t come with an HTTP server so it can’t be notified from a web hook.
We’ve built some proprietary extensions that worked this way for some customers though. But this would be consulting.

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