Time reported in Gatling versus Chrome network tools

While doing some due diligence for a simulation I noticed that many gets and posts we make take far less time in Gatling then they do when observed from the Chrome network tab. Something that is reported back as taking 4 seconds in Chrome will come back in around 100ms in Gatling. Googling around and hitting stack overflowI have not really seen any useful information. This happens with the majority of but not all calls. I am not really sure what to make of it. Perhaps there are config options I am unaware of or there is more to the info chrome is showing. In my simulations we have accounted for bad calls with checks around response code and regex to detect a response that contains our apps standard error messaging. None of those are getting tripped up. I am about to take a deep dive into our underlying logs to make sure we are not burying any errors, I am not hopeful of this as we are pretty good with that type of thing. Is this something that is expected when trying to compare gatling to chrome? Should I be using a different tool to evaluate times on calls? Any advice on how to investigate further or explain the timing differences would be greatly appreciated.

No clue, we’d really need a way to reproduce.
Are you sure you don’t have a plugin installed in Chrome that messes things up?