Is there a way to check the gatling syntax whatever you use eclipse or intellij?

I tried to write Gatling code in intellij, but I found there is no syntax tip when I write any object. When I tried to format the code with import optimization, I found the gatling related import disappeared.
When I run it from command line, I just find the syntax error. There is not any indicator in IDE. Does anyone know how to let IDE work for syntax auto completion for Gatling? Thanks!

Did you use Gatling’s maven archetype to create the project at first? That might help a bit.

Thanks for your reply. I have applied Gatling maven archtype to my project. But it seemed no help on my requirement. I don’t want to run the gatling in eclipse or intellij, just want to develop the script with auto completion since I am not familiar with gatling syntax. Thanks!

Thanks for your instruction. I have applied scala sdk into my project. But it only can prompt the scala syntax for me. on gatling specific syntax, i still can’t get tip as below image. After the “http” object, there should be “baseUrl” or “header”, etc. But there are only scala syntax in the list.

I guess there might be something wrong with your intellij importing/opening the gatling project. In the “Project” view you should see lots of libraries from maven and the default directories setup of gatling archetype(src/test/resources & src/test/scala).

Many thanks, I have solved the issue. After “mvn package” under the project, the packages were downloaded and worked well. Thanks again!

Nice, glad to see the issue resolved.