Gatling V1.5x IDE - Recommendations?

Dear Group,
I would like to install an IDE for Gatling on a mac.
From the Doc, I see Eclipse is suggested, along with plugins that support autocomplete scripting.

Collegues have been recommending IntelliJ which I don’t see directly referenced in the doc.

Do folks recommend sticking with Eclipse to get the full benefit of Gatling script support?


I’ve personally recently switched to IntelliJ for developing Gatling, as some other colleagues were pressuring me to do so for a very long time.


  • Easier to bootstrap: maven and sbt support is builtin, no need for extra plugins, just the Scala one

  • Faster to develop: editor doesn’t chocke, imports work

  • No need to tune JVM (like increasing heap and Xss in eclipse.ini)

  • Much slower to compile when you need to run the bytecode

  • False compile errors. I thought they were supposed to ditch their own compiler and use scalac so they’d stop having this kind of issues, I don’t know if they finally didn’t make that move or if they disabled some phases of the Scala compiler, but in Gatling code, there’s several places where IntelliJ wrongly report compile errors. sbt is the only one we trust on this.