is there a way to print on failure?

Hi, very new to gatling, scala etc so please accept my apologies…

Using the following example…

val scn = scenario("Scenario Name").repeat(repeatTimes) {
  .get("/c/" + "${c_number}")
  .queryParam( """access_token""", """$£$£""")
  check (
  check (jsonPath("$.c_name").is("${name}"))
  check (jsonPath("$.type").is("${c_type}"))


If any of the Checks fail, is there a way to simply print out the c_number data that was fed in so that I can find out where something failed and just check if it was data issue ?

I've tried to put a println in there but it doesn't seem to like it! Where would I put it?

Thank you in advance

Either enable the proper logging level in logback.xml, or dump some extra data in the log file:

I put the following:

.extraInfoExtractor(extraInfo => List(extraInfo.request))

And this is outputting all the request into the log which is great.

1. is this log file limited by space? If so I assume this will fill up?

2. Is there a way of limiting it to results that were KO only? istead of showing OK and KO? if so what do i add?
(extraInfo => if (somethingYouCanEasilyGuess) List(extraInfo.request) else Nil)