Loging request information for faild response


For the debuging purpose I am loging failed request with:
"GatlingAsyncHandlerActor", but I need information about request for
failed response.

What is the best way to get this information?

1) I was trying to give unique scenario name for every request:

                scenario("${id}") // wrong solution, because it is
scenario - not request - name

2) I was trying to do something similar to:

                (session: Session) => {




    ,but I don't know how to call this method when request failed.

Thanks in advance,


I can find input data base on userId (which is saved in simulation.log for all requests)

Hi Pawel,

You can either lower the root level to DEBUG in logback.conf (this will print all the requests and responses), or build custom extractors:

I’ll open an issue so that we not only log the response, but the request too, when a check fails.

Hope that helps,


2012/8/15 slowikps <slowikps@gmail.com>

For the record, I opened this issue:

The fix is already in master, so you can use it if you’re willing to build from sources.



2012/8/15 Stéphane Landelle <slandelle@excilys.com>

thank you very much,

2012/8/15 Stéphane Landelle <slandelle@excilys.com>