Is this technique still the best way to get a suite of different scenarios to be executed in seuqence from Maven?

Digging around the current site for something like this

I get nothing looking for “Simulation Modularization”

And when I search here I ended up following a link with the reply “did you read the documentation?”

Per this documentation, if I want to have modular executions I’ll need multiple Maven executions:

But this means I cannot use:

mvn gatling:execute

Which practice is considered best?


Extra note:

I have gotten Maven executions to run disjoint simulations… per the documentation. However, I also like the idea suggested in 1.5 docs and still do not know if that is current (2.x) best practice. Anyone?

Yes, thank you. I did indeed already read that. And I apologize for my poorly constructed question. Basically I see for the current docs and 1.5 that the only way to get multiple (modular) interactions to run under a simple Maven command line is to do one of:

  • Create a group of Maven executions and use mvn test
  • Create a Root scenario that orchestrates a bunch of Scala object chains and then run by one simple mvn execution or use the plugin directly as in: mvn gatling:execute -Dgatling.simulationClass=com.coldlight.perf.gatling.NeuronQueriesOnMeta

The other scenario I have found is to set up my pom.xml to follow this pattern:

src/test/scala **/your_package/*.scala

Obviously I would replace the include value to be for my setup. I tried this and whe I used “mvn test” I got errors that I had more than one simulation. Isn’t that point of the “simulationsFolder”? To support that?