Running multiple Simulation classes from command line

Is it possible to run more than one simulation class from maven as I would like to modularise my tests into different Simulation class. I m using Gatling 2.

The title of your mail says “from command line” while the content says “from maven”?!

Anyway, you can move your scenario definitions into other classes or objects, Simulation is just the normalized entry point. Gatling won’t let you run several of them, neither at the same time, nor sequentially. You have to launch Gatling multiple times, be it launching multiple times from the command line or run multiple executions of the maven plugin.

Thanks Stephane. I actually meant from maven! :slight_smile:

Could you please provide an example on how to create scenario definitions in a separate class and use it in the Simulation class? I am new to Scala and not sure how this is done.
Thanks again

Did you read the documentation?

Is this issue resolution no longer relevant??

From the communication there it seems that there is an option to run multiple concurrent simulations from a single Gatling instance.
I specifically need it to be able to use several assertion patters for different simulations running at the same time, and assertions are only available through the Simulation.SetUp API.


No, running concurrent simulations will never be supported, as they would compete for resources (CPU, IO) and worsen stats.
You can run concurrent scenarios, but indeed, assertions can only target overall stats. It would require quite an effort to support scenario level assertions.