[Java][3.7.6] Catching all responses from WebSocket

I’m working with WebSockets and found that when test sent messages it is not possible to log all responses from server. I have to add await().on() together with ws.checkTextMessage
When I do that, I will log only one response from server. If I want to check another response I have to add another await().on() with ws.checkTextMessage.
Unfortunately documentation about WebScoket communication is very poor and I wonder if there is any way to log all responses from server during WebSocket communication.

At the moment I would ike to check how server is responding to my messages, and check which one can be useful for me

logback.xml updated according to documentation:
<logger name="io.gatling.http.action.ws.fsm" level="TRACE" />

Thank you in advance

Also, what about the case when I’m sending one frame via WebSocket and the server is responding to it with 3-4 different messages (what is important) where the order can change for virtual users.
How to validate if all of them appeared without respecting the order but only checking the whole group?

For example
C - Client
S - Server
U’n’ (eg U1, U2) - User ‘n’

C: Sending binary Frame
S: Response type 1
S: Response type 2
S: Response type 3

C: Sending binary frame (the same like above)
S: Response type 1
S: Response type 3
S: Response type 2

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