Java 8

I’ve built a project using the archetype.

And then trying to compile it using Java 8. I’m getting a compilation error. Something about annotations (I don’t have the error at hand, but can provide it if needed).

So I’ve update the scala-maven-plugin.version to 3.1.6 and the scala.version to 2.10.4. I don’t know if gatling is compatible with these versions.

But I’m now getting an error when compiling Recorder.scala

[ERROR] Recorder.scala:6: error: not enough arguments
for constructor RecorderOptions: (localPort: Option[Int], localPortSsl: Option[Int], proxyHost: Option[String], proxyPo
rt: Option[Int], proxyPortSsl: Option[Int], outputFolder: Option[String], requestBodiesFolder: Option[String], simulatio
nClassName: Option[String], simulationPackage: Option[String], encoding: Option[String], followRedirect: Option[Boolean]
, automaticReferer: Option[Boolean])com.excilys.ebi.gatling.recorder.config.RecorderOptions
[ERROR] RecorderController(new RecorderOptions(

I’m not a scala master sadly but since all attributes of RecorderOptions have a default value, I would have guessed it should work.

Any idea? And will gatling work with 2.10.4?


Gatling master compiles with 2.10.4.
Which version did you try to use?


Gatling 1 compiles with Scala 2.9, not binary compatible with Scala 2.10.

And Java 8 is only usable with Scala 2.10?

No, should be fine.

Hum… I just retried to compile and for an unexpected reason, it now works…

I’ll start using Gatling 2 soon I promise

What’s sure is that it couldn’t work with Scala 2.10.