Setting Gatling in Intellij

Hi All,

I have followed the below link , added archetype

It created the folders and architectures of Gatling. If i put the BasicSimulation.scala and run engine , I am getting the below error

Error:(7, 21) not enough arguments for constructor RecorderOptions: (localPort: Option[Int], localPortSsl: Option[Int], proxyHost: Option[String], proxyPort: Option[Int], proxyPortSsl: Option[Int], outputFolder: Option[String], requestBodiesFolder: Option[String], simulationClassName: Option[String], simulationPackage: Option[String], encoding: Option[String], followRedirect: Option[Boolean], automaticReferer: Option[Boolean])com.excilys.ebi.gatling.recorder.config.RecorderOptions
RecorderController(new RecorderOptions(

Do i have to import any other packages related to gatling? Can anyone help me?