How to fix this j.n.ConnectException Handshake timed out

i am new to gatling tool ,
How to fix the above problem:
i thought which can be either server side or gatling Application side
but how i conclude this is a Gatling Application side if am running gatling with more than 40 users load with different sites but the result is same
I tried with Flipkart
I tried with our own site but both giving same result Handshake timedout

How to fix it, what configuration has to be changed

have you tried to use a small number of users?

Yes less number of users it will work, but I have to put load. Up to 20 users it working fine after that I am getting that time out

Maybe the problem is with your network.

On I will check it

Ok I will try with other network

I recommend you to increase the number of users slowly to meet the saturation point of the network.
Injects a given number of users with a linear ramp over a given duration

rampUsers(x) over (y seconds)

I will try it . Thank you