JAVA_OPTS Works for Windows but not work in Linux OS

Hi All,

I am passing command line parameters to gatling script.

This works and execute my test in Windows operating system

set JAVA_OPTS="-DuserCount=2 -DflowRepeatCount=3 -DdefinitionId=102168 -DtestServerUrl=https://someURL -DenvAuthenticationHeaderFromPostman="Basic UWRZm9aGwsxFsB1V7RXK0OlB5cmZvcm1hbmNldGVzdDE="

It works and takes input which is passed
User Count ====>> 2
Repeat Count ====>> 3
Definition ID ====>> 102168
Environment URL ====>> https://someURL
Authentication Header ====>> Basic UWRZm9aGwsxFsB1V7RXK0OlB5cmZvcm1hbmNldGVzdDE=


Got the problem where i m stuck.
Its a Space related issue in passing parameters of Authentication Header. -DenvAuthenticationHeaderFromPostman='Basic UWRZm9aGwsxFsB1V7RXKmZvcm1hbmNldGVzdDE='"

It gets parameter till Environment URL but when ‘Space’ comes in parameter it throws error.